Essential Recipe: Strawberry-Cinnamon Energy Bites

These easy to make all natural energy bites are the perfect snack before you hit the gym, go on a hike, or head to the beach. Have them on hand and for any activity that requires a lot of energy. It all comes down to the ingredients.

01 Aug 2018

How to Get a FREE 5 mL On Guard Essential Oil Blend in August

Learn how you can get a 5 mL bottle of doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend Free in August. Hurry, limited time offer.

01 Aug 2018

Lavender Dryer Sponges

Conventional dryer sheets contain harmful ingredients. Play it safe and save some money with this reusable DIY laundry aid containing Lavender essential oil. Benefit from Lavender’s soothing properties to skin and sweet aroma as you soften clothes and fight off static at the same time.

27 Jul 2018

How to get a 15 mL Cedarwood Essential Oil FREE in July!

Cedarwood Essential Oil is dōTERRA’s July 2018 product of the month. Learn how to get a 15 mL bottle for free! Hurry, limited time offer.

01 Jul 2018

dōTERRA Living Magazine Summer 2018 Edition Now Available!

The new dōTERRA Living Magazine Summer 2018 Edition articles include “Ways to Beat the Summer Heat”, “Rest and De-Stress Make Over Your Evening Routine”, “Guide for the Essential Oil Novice”, and so much more!

25 Jun 2018

How to Get 10 mL dōTERRA Lavender Touch FREE

Learn how you can get a 10 mL roll-on bottle of dōTERRA’s Lavender Touch Essential Oil Free! Hurry, limited time!

01 Jun 2018

dōTERRA Amavi™ Father’s Day Collection

Give the men in your life a piece of this perfect day with a doTERRA collection created from this desire to slow down and appreciate life. This new limited-time kit created for men comes with the Amavi™ Touch blend, Onyx Balance Bath Bar, and Amavi™ Aftershave Lotion. Hurry, limited time offer while supplies last.

01 Jun 2018

Essential Recipe: Herbed Pasta Salad

Looking for a great pasta salad for a potluck or picnic? Check out this easy pasta salad recipe made with Basil Essential Oil.

15 May 2018

Get Rosemary, Wild Orange, On Guard Blend, Sanitizing Mist and Toothpaste Free in May

Learn how you can get $95 retail value of doTERRA products FREE in May with qualifying purchase! Products include Rosemary, Wild Orange and On Guard Protective Blend Essential Oils plus On Guard Sanitizing Mist and On Guard Toothpaste.

01 May 2018

DIY: Bergamot Essential Oil Foot Mask

You don’t have to stress about cracked heels on your feet this summer. Try this nourishing foot mask made with Bergamot essential oil (and other feet-friendly ingredients) for nourished and beautiful feet.

30 Apr 2018

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